AHP AlphaTIG 200X Review – Welding Experts Analysis

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  • Item Weight: 69 pounds
  • Dimensions: 19 x 23 x 12 inches
  • Part Number: Alpha-TIG200X-2018
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Power Source: Ac/dc
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If owning a TIG machine that expert and novice welder can use is your priority, this review will inspire your decisions. The AHP AlphaTIG 200X is has a massive output of 200 Amps. Many reputable manufacturers use dual-voltage and frequency options to build versatile TIG welders. However, this advanced inverter and Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology are superior features.

These specifications show an improved TIG/Stick Welder that can handle heavy-duty metalwork. Also, you can make thin and precise welds on metal plates with the stick mode of this machine.

In the welding industry, this AHP AlphaTIG 200X welder is in the same league as the best TIG models from Harbor Freight, Miller, and Lincoln. When you consider the IGBT technology, this product produces smoother weld than its competitors.

Usually, novice welders are scared of using premium welders without the assistance of experts. It's a different experience with this product because they can adjust welding techniques with the foot pedal. In this review, we shall analyze some features that make this product a great TIG welder.

Main Features of The AHP AlphaTIG 200X Welder

Dual-Voltage AC/DC Welder

As a versatile and dual-voltage TIG welder, it allows operators to switch their sources of power. While the frequency of the alternating current (AC) is adjustable, this machine runs on 240V when the 110-Volt power source is not available.

However, expect an output of 150A when it runs at a lower frequency and 200A output at 220/240V. Apart from the dual voltage options, you can operate this TIG welder with DC (direct current). When the AC/DC conversion switch is set at 220/240V, you can make fine beads with an array of pulse features.

Welds Aluminum And Steel Plates

Do you need to make less spatter and smooth arc on steel plates? Set the machine's power source to DC, and weld 1/8-inch 6013, 308l, and 7018 stainless steel rods with ease. For 1/4-inch aluminum plates, it's ideal to use 110/220V AC current. When welding aluminum plates, you can adjust the length, cleaning and complete some welding cycles.

IGBT technology

While the IGBT technology ensures automatic conversion of AC/DC modes, it helps to lower the risk of damaging your electrical circuit with high voltage. Since this technology guarantees a reliable power source, operators can conserve their electricity consumption with the TIG welder. Both the IGBT Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) work with advanced inverter technology. It's the PWM that enables you to tune the welder to the right pulse setting.

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  • 9ft ground clamp and flex hose torch
  • Pulse and AC frequency of 200 Hz
  • It runs with low noise and vibration
  • HF Start TIG with a foot pedal to control operations


  • The front panel has a digital display and many control knobs that might confuse a novice TIG welder.

Complete Setup and Video Review

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should I buy this model of TIG welder?

If your metalworking project needs an argon-based TIG welder, it's not a bad idea to buy this AHP model. Striking an arc with the torch is effortless, and it can weld thinner-gauge materials of steel and aluminum. Apart from an impressive arc quality, this tool a range of amperage that fits different types of materials. Also, operators can balance the control of welding techniques with the AC mode.

This TIG machine looks tough, does it offers flexible features?

This TIG welder is compact and had good build quality. It can handle a range of heavy-duty welding applications too. The 69-lbs unit uses a flexible hose torch, but the switch that controls its TIG functions is sold differently. Also, it comes with a foot pedal for easy operations.

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Final Verdict

There's no better way of enjoying quality TIG welding with this AHP Alpha-TIG200X model. By using an array of pulse features to weld and ensure smooth arc, every part of your metalwork will have fine welds.

Instead of buying TIG welders with inferior components, save money and enjoy the functionality of a superior model. Also, an affordable welder that has safety features like the IGBT technology is a must-have for any project.

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