The Best Cutting Torch Kits Reviews In 2020 – Buying Guide

To ensure that we have the most relevant information for people who want to know everything about welding and the supplies for welding we decided that we needed facts about the best torch Kits.

We turned to our professional welders and our welding enthusiast to find out which cutting torches they recommended and why. When we had their recommendations we enlisted novice welders to try the cutting torches and give us their opinions.

Best Cutting Torch Kits

We took all of the opinions and put the most frequently recommended items on our list of 7 torches. The features and accessories of the items may vary, and the list is not made in any particular order.

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Best Cutting Torch Kits 2020 Reviews 

1. Genuine Victor Cutting Torch Kit Set

This torch kit provides you with all of the basic accessories you will need to have. It comes complete with a torch handle and the built in check valves that let you operate that torch safely and efficiently.

You also receive a cutting attachment, a brazing tip, a 20’ length of 3/16” grade R torch hose, a pair of safety goggles and a striker.

Genuine Victor Cutting Torch Kit Set

You will have the ability to cut ½” thick metal using this torch kit. The cutting tip that comes with the torch establishes the thickness of the metal that you can cut. The tip included with this torch is a size 0.

If you want to be able to cut thicker pieces of metal tips are available in sizes that will allow you to cut metals up to 5” thick. You should match the size of the tip you are using to the pressure of the gas you are using to get the best cut.

The torch has an ergonomic handle that makes it very easy to hold and control. AIt has a flat side that sits perfectly between your thumb and fingers and it does not slip like the older rounded handles tended to.

2. TurboTorch Carrier Kit Outfits

This provides you with the ability to organize and keep up with your cutting torch implements and accessories. It has a convenient telescoping handle that allows you to be able to roll your cutting torch and acetylene tanks and equipment from one place to another.

There are a lot of pockets so you have ample places to store strikers, cutting tips, and everything you need to do the job. It also has a metal framework so it is tough enough to handle the pressures that you might put on it.

TurboTorch Carrier Kit Outfits

This kit includes TurboTorch Acetylene tips, a regulator, a hose and a handle. You get a self-lighting tip and an ergonomic handle that makes it easier to hold the cutting tip in the exact position that you need it without any hand cramps or slipping.

You can get an mc kit or a b kit. The mc and the b are in reference to the acetylene tanks. The mc tanks are roughly half of the size of the b tanks. The smaller tanks are lighter and more portable, but some people require a larger quantity of acetylene and choose the b tanks instead.

3. Ameriflame Portable Cutting Outfit

This kit allows you to cut materials that are up to ½” thick. You also get the ability to weld .125” steel. It is a twelve-piece outfit that provides you with a 1.5” oxygen regulator, a 1.5”: acetylene regulator and a rear valve torch handle with the appropriate check valves in place., You get a type 13 weld/braze tip, a cutting attachment, and a size 0 cutting tip.

Ameriflame Portable Cutting Outfit

The kit comes with safety goggles for eye protection, a twin hose set that measures 12.5’, a b connection, a flint lighter, an R oxygen tank and an MC acetylene tank, and all of this fits on the convenient plastic carry stand provided.

The acetylene and oxygen tanks are empty at the time of purchase. These are small tanks and if you do a lot of welding and cutting you will want to get larger acetylene and oxygen tanks to use with your kit.

The accessories are all high-quality and durable. You will get valuable service from this unit and many professional welders choose to keep one of these units at home for personal DIY projects.

4. ZENSTYLE Cutting Torch and Welding Kit - Best Value

This is an acetylene cutting torch and a welding machine all rolled into one convenient package. This kit can be used by novice welders and professionals alike.

The kit includes both oxygen and an acetylene regulator. The regulators have reverse flow check valves for your safety. They have a diameter of 2 ½”. The oxygen regulator is a CGA 510 and the acetylene regulator is a CGA 540.

ZENSTYLE Cutting Torch and Welding Kit - Best Value

You will get a 15’’ x ¼” rubber hose set that is colored two colors so you immediately know which hose to connect to oxygen and which to connect to acetylene.

You get a brass cutting handle and a number 0 cutting nozzle that will allow you to cut metals as thick as ½”. You will get welding nozzles in sizes 0, 2, and 4. You will have the ability to weld metals that are as thick as 3/16”. 

The kit comes with a molded storage case that has a place for all of your accessories. Everything can be kept neatly inside the storage case so you always know where your items are and you know that your accessories are being kept dust and grime free.

5. Miller Electric Oxy-Acetylene Cutting Torch Kit

This is a kit designed for cutting torch applications and welding applications. It includes the needed gauges to use on the oxygen and the acetylene bottles. All accessories are properly gauged for their intended use, and the gauges are clear and easy to read.

It comes complete with hoses for the oxygen and the acetylene bottles. The hoses are colored differently to make them easier to identify quickly. This kit does not include oxygen or acetylene bottles.

Miller Electric Oxy-Acetylene Cutting Torch Kit

You will find the cutting torch handle and handle for the welding tips are included in the kit. You also get cutting torch tips and welding tips, as well as a pair of safety goggles. You will be ready to get to work as soon as you get your kit. This is the best oxygen-acetylene torch kits on the market.

The cutting torch tip is rated to cut materials that are 5/8” thick and can possibly cut materials that are as thick as 1”. The welding tips are rated for thinner materials than what they can actually weld. This is a versatile kit that can do the majority of welding or cutting jobs that the average homeowner has.

6. XtremepowerUS Oxy Acetylene Cutting Torch Kit

This kit gives you everything you need to do welding and cutting jobs around your home or small business. It comes with a handy carry case that is made of molded plastic that will hold all of your welding and cutting accessories, like gauges, torch handles and tips in one convenient place.

XtremepowerUS Oxy Acetylene Cutting Torch Kit

This set comes with two deluxe regulators that are single-stage items. They have a reverse flow check valve and easy to read dials. You also get hoses that are color-coded to match the regulators so there is no confusion when you are connecting to the oxygen or the acetylene tanks. The tanks are not included.

You get a precision cutting torch handle, a size 0 cutting torch tip, welding tips in sizes 0, 2, and 4. You get 15’ of a hose and the spark lighter to fire things up. You also get a tip cleaner and a pair of safety goggles to protect your eyes. 

The torch handles and check valves in this kit are made from brass. They are designed to last and to provide excellent service. The other items are made from stainless steel so you get the highest quality accessories.

7. Hobart Medium Duty Cutting Torch

This kit is perfectly suited to work around the farm, hobbyist, work on refrigeration systems, light fabrication, repairs and automotive shops. Homeowners, do-it-yourself enthusiasts, small business owners, and professional welders will all find this kit very useful and versatile. It can cut thicknesses of up to 6 inches and weld thicknesses up to ½ inch.

Hobart Medium Duty Cutting Torch

It includes the regulators needed for your acetylene and the oxygen. There are color-coded hoses designed to connect the regulators to the appropriate gas bottles. The gauges are easy to read with bold numbering.

You can easily glance at these gauges and determine what they are reading without stopping your welding process. There are also reverse flow check valves to keep you safe while you work.

You get brass cutting tips and welding tips, the brass cutting torch handle, and the welding tip handle. The handles are perfectly proportioned so they are easy to hold and turn to enable you to make the cuts and the welds that you need to make.

You will have all of the accessories and tools you need to start cutting metal and welding, except for the oxygen and acetylene bottles.

How to Select the Best Cutting Torches

There are several things to consider when you are choosing cutting torch kits. The following considerations will help you to find the kit that is designed for your specific needs and purposes.


Any cutting torch kit must have a regulator to control the amount of acetylene gas that is being dispensed. If the kit is also a welding kit there should also be an oxygen regulator and the two regulators should be different colors so you can discern them from each other at a passing glance.

The gas hoses that come in these kits should also be color coordinated so you will not accidentally hook the oxygen hose up to the acetylene regulator. The common hose length for at home cutting torches and welding machines is about 15 feet long.


You must have large easy to read gauges so you can see the exact pressure you are running your gas at.

Cutting Torch

A brass cutting torch is the highest recommended torch. Some of the newer torches have ergonomically shaped handles that make it easy to hold the torch and easy to manipulate the cutting tip to the exact position it needs to be in.


You can always purchase additional tips of varying sizes to go with your cutting torch. The tips can be expensive though, so the more tips that are included with the torch you are buying the more the kit is worth. A size 0 tip will normally cut materials that are up to one half of an inch thick.

The main consideration you will have concerning tips is whether they are easy to change and easy to clean. You want to get a kit that will allow you to change tips without having to use any specialized tools.

Cutting Capabilities

You have to decide what thickness of metal you will need to cut on a regular basis. Then you need to shop for a cutting torch that is capable of allowing you to cut that thickness with ease.

What is it made from?

Ideally your cutting torch will be made from brass, and most of your other components will be made from stainless steel. These items are less likely to corrode and they are more likely to be durable and heat resistant. They will last longer and give you more service.

Reliable Manual

The ideal manual for a cutting torch will not only tell you how to operate everything in the kit, but they will have reference guides for you to use. A reference guide will usually explain what size tip is required for the different types and thicknesses of metal.

A reference guide will also tell you how much pressure your oxygen and acetylene should be displaying on your gauges.

Cutting Torch Kits FAQs

What Do You Need A Cutting Torch For?

To cut metal objects you need a cutting torch. You can use this in repairs on already fabricated metal objects or to cut metal for the purpose of fabrication. Hobbyists, farms, ranches, automotive repair shops, lawn and garden equipment repair shops and many other small businesses use cutting torches on a regular basis.

What should I set my cutting torch on?

A. You should always follow the manufacturer’s directions but the average torch should have the acetylene set at 10 psi and the oxygen should be set around 40 psi.

Can you weld with a cutting torch?

A. You can create a weld using a cutting torch. You will want to use the torch in short increments to make certain you are getting a weld as you want. This type of welding cannot be performed on all materials.

Why does cutting torch pop?

A. Usually, when your cutting torch pops or goes out there is a problem with the flow of gas. Adjust your regulator and see if that helps stop the popping.

Final Note

A cutting torch is a perfect way to cut metal objects. The acetylene torches are the most common but there are also butane and propane versions of these torches. We have reviews covering both the butane torches and the propane torches if you would like more information on them.

Cutting torches have several accessories that make them capable of doing different things. You can even use your cutting torch to make quick welds on some metals. 

Be sure that you always use your cutting torch safely and that you wear the protective equipment needed to keep your eyes from being damaged while using these types of tools.

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