Best Pipeline Welding Machine Reviews In 2020 – Top Picks

Pipeline welding is one of the most lucrative of the welding trades. The high pay for these jobs attracts the interest of a lot of welders, and we have had several of those interested people ask us what welding machine for pipeline welding is the best.

Our research and interviews with expert pipeline welders revealed to us that this type of welding requires a lot of skill, and it is more than just physical labor.

Best Pipeline Welding Machine

 This type of welding involves critical decision making and a welding machine with plenty of power, and precision controls. We chose the following machines based on our research.

Our Top 3 Favorites In 2020

  • Weight: 493 Lbs
  • Dimension: 41.5 x 23.5 x 32.9
  • Speciality: 23 HP Kohler twin cylinder
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  • Weight: 6.15 Lbs
  • Dimension: 42.3 x 21.5 x 36.2
  • Power Source: Gasoline-powered
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  • Power of Heater: 2.5KW/110V
  • Temp deviation: ±5°c
  • Working temp: 300°c
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Best Pipeline Welder reviews - 2020

1. HOBART Champion Elite Welder for Pipeline Welding


  • Weight: 493 pounds
  • Dimensions: 41.5 x 23.5 x 32.9 inches
  • Part number: 500562
  • 23 HP Kohler twin cylinder
  • 4-cycle OHV engine
HOBART Champion Elite Welder for Pipeline Welding

This is an engine-driven welding machine is powered by a 23 HP Kohler engine. The engine is a gas-powered twin driven motor. It is a 4 cycle that is both powerful enough to do the work you need to do and surprisingly quieter than you would expect.

It is a portable machine so you can take it with you to wherever you need to go work. It is both the welding machine and a generator so it opens up the possibilities that you can power other tools, lights, or use this machine as a power source in case of an electrical outage at your home. It does the job of two machines so that makes it easier to transport the item and get your work done properly.

The controls are on the front of the machine and they are easy to adjust. The machine weighs 493 pounds so you will need a truck or trailer to transport this item. It measures 41.5 inches x 23.5 inches x 32.9 inches.

This device uses welding rods and cannot be adjusted to be used with a spool-gun.

2. Lincoln Electric Engine Driven Welder


  • Weight: 615 pounds
  • Dimensions: 42.3 x 21.5 x 36.2 inches
  • Part number: K2382-4
  • Start type: electric
  • Amperage range: 50 to 250
Lincoln Electric Engine Driven Welder

This is an engine-driven welding machine that has a case that completely encloses your engine for greater protection from dust particles, moisture, or anything that could cause you to have engine problems.

You can use this device as an AC generator. The generator can power your house in the case of an emergency like when a storm interrupts electrical services. It can also power tools like screw guns or other power tools. It can also power work lights so you can see to work even when you are working in the dark, or in low light situations.

It is one of the Ranger series of generators made by Lincoln. It produces continuous power of 19,000 watts and can create auxiliary power of up to 11,000 watts. It has an amperage range between 50 and 250. 

The engine of this machine is powered by gasoline. It is powerful and dependable and weighs around 615 pounds. It is portable but you will need a truck or trailer to move it.

It will give you the ability to weld up to 3/16” while you are using a carbon electrode. It can be used to weld 5/16” angle iron and ¼” plate steel.

3. Fusion Welding Hand-push Pipe Welder 


  • Power of Heater 2.5KW/110V
  • Temperature deviation ±5°c
  • Working temperature 300°c
  • Docking deviation ≤0.3mm
  • Suitable for PE and PP pipes
Fusion Welding Hand-push Pipe Welder

This is a manual operated welding machine. It is recommended for welding of PE or PP pipes and their fittings. 

The device is crafted from the aluminum cast. The aluminum cast helps to reduce the weight of the machine to make it easier for transportation purposes. The entire machine only weighs 105 pounds or 48 kg. The machine is portable and you can take it to where you need to work.

This device has a working temperature of 3000 Celsius. It takes the machine about 20 minutes to warm up to soldering temperature. It can be used on PE, PP, PB, PVDF, HDPE, and PVC pipes. The milling cutter of the machine has a power rating of 1.1 KW or 110 volts. The heater on the device has a power rating of 2.5 KW or 110 volts.

This is a unique machine that requires no gasoline or shield gas for operation. It is safer than many other devices that are capable of performing the same functions. It does take some experience for you to learn to operate the machine smoothly and precisely.

How To Choose The Best Pipeline Welders

When buying a welding machine for pipeline welding you should consider the following facts about the machines you have to choose from.


A pipeline welder needs to have a lot of power in order for it to work properly under the conditions these welders work. You really need an engine-driven machine that is also capable of working as a generator so you can be certain to have power for your work lights and other tools that you might need.

Gas or Diesel

The engines on these machines may be gasoline engines or they could be diesel engines. Check to see what fuel the engines require, and then decide if you prefer one fuel type over the other.

Decibel output

The machines will have different decibel outputs. You want to get the quietest machine possible because you want to be able to hear other things that re happening around you while you work.

Shield Gas

You want to see if the machine requires shield gas and what shield gas it does require. The shield gas should be one that is easily available in your area. We also reviewed the top-rated MIG welding Gas for your making decision easier. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What type of welding is used for pipelines?

The most popular type of welding performed by pipeline welders is MIG welding. This is an arc welding process that utilizes a wire feed through an electrode that is situated inside a handheld welding “gun”.

Q. How much do Pipeline welders make an hour?

A pipeline welder is one of the highest-paid welders. This profession can pay 57,000 or more per year. A large consideration in the amount of pay one of these welders receives is the amount of experience the welder has, and the length of time they have been employed by a particular company.

As these welders gain experience their pay rate increases. When considering the pay of these individuals you also have to consider the amount of per diem they are paid when they are working away from their home towns. Their per diem may be close to $200 a day.

Final Note

If you are considering the purchase of a welding machine that is capable of doing pipeline welding, and a generator that can produce as many as 9,500 watts of continuous power, you will want to look further at the Hobart Champion Elite Welder Generator. This machine can produce as many as 11,000 watts of power to operate your tools, lights, and other accessories.

If you are looking for a manually operated welder then check out the Fusion Welding hand-push pipe welder. It is a powerful device that can be used on a wide variety of pipes.

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