Best Propane Torches Reviews In 2020 With Buying Guide

The best propane torch is our focus in this review article. We have asked our welding experts and our homeowners/craft-workers to review several of these tools and tell us which ones they considered to be the best and why.

Our goal is to inform our readers about the items they have available to them and which of those items are going to be the most beneficial to their needs. The following list of torches has a variety of features that make each torch great for specific uses.

We did not categorize these items in any particular order because they are so varied in features and uses.

Best Propane Torches Reviews 2020

1. Bernzomatic TS8000 - High Intensity Trigger Start Torch

This propane powered torch has an auto on and auto-off feature. With the simple press of a button, you can ignite the flame and you can just as easily extinguish the flame. This is a safety feature, and it is also a convenient feature because you do not have to have an external ignition source such as matches.

The main body of the torch is made from cast aluminum. Cast aluminum is durable and strong. Cast aluminum will not rust or corrode due to exposure to humidity or damp conditions. According to expert this is one of the best gas welder.

This torch is recommended to be used for light welding, soldering, brazing, and heat treating.  The adjustable flame allows you to control the size of the flame it produces and the heat that is produced so each job can be done with precision.

You will also find that the adjustable flame control knob will allow you to switch from one application to another application easily and quickly. The flame is pressure regulated to provide consistent performance and precise heat regulation.

There is a run-lock button that allows you to adjust the flame to one size and lock the flame into position so that it does not get any larger or smaller while you are working.

2. Mag-Torch MT200C Propane Pencil Torch

This torch has a unique head that makes it possible for a welder to use three different types of torch tips. The head will give you the ability to use a brass pencil tip burner, a brush flame tip or a heavy-duty tip. You will have the ability to do more projects because the head allows you to have more choices in tips.

The adjustable flame control knob allows you to create a flame that is the perfect width and height for the project you are working on. This flame adjuster also controls the amount of heat the unit is producing. The larger flames will produce higher amounts of heat while the smaller flames produce less heat, but they allow you to have more control over where the heat is distributed.

The torch is a solid brass unit. Brass is an excellent heat conductor and it is a metal that will not rust or corrode. Many metals rust and corrode when they are exposed to high temperatures or to moist conditions. Brass will resist corrosion and be able to withstand extreme temperatures without being damaged or altered.

This torch is durable and performs excellently. It can only be powered by propane fuel.

3. JJGeorge Grill Torch Charcoal Starter

If you like to cook on the grill you will love this torch. The torch can be used to ignite your charcoal without the use of a charcoal starter. That means your grilling cost less money and you are exposed to fewer harmful chemicals and carcinogenic properties.

This propane torch will light your charcoal in less than sixty seconds. You will have no wasted time waiting for the charcoal to absorb the lighter fluid so that it will burn. The torch requires no electricity so you do not have to worry about using an extension cord to power the device.

The charcoal that you ignite using this device will not spark like charcoal can do when lit in more traditional ways. Other charcoal lighters blow air on the charcoal and the air spreads the flames across the grill. This can cause hazardous sparks and can result in potential burns.

For every fourteen ounces of propane, you use this lighter will be able to light your grill about one hundred times. That is both economical and practical.

This device is primarily intended to be used to ignite charcoal in an outside barbeque pit or grill. It is not recommended for indoor use or for welding purposes.

4. Bernzomatic 361552 Trigger Start Propane Torch

You do not need an external flame source to ignite this torch. It has a trigger start that you depress to ignite the flame. You do not have to hold the trigger down after the flame has been initiated.

This device will allow you to do many different welding projects around your home. It is recommended for thawing pipes and other objects during extreme cold, applying heat to shrink wraps and other items, and small diameter solder. You can use it to light your fireplace or fire pit. It can also be used to loosen rusty bolts or thaw padlocks that have frozen shut.

The burner tube is constructed from durable stainless steel. Stainless steel can handle the heat that a torch like this will expose it to and it does not rust or corrode. Your stainless steel tube will last longer than torches made with metals that are more likely to corrode or rust.

It is easy to attach this torch head to a fourteen-ounce propane cylinder designed for use with hand torches. The device is lightweight and easy to use. It is portable and can be transported to where it is needed easily.

5. Lincoln Electric KH825-01 Propane Torch

This inferno torch can be used with propane cylinders that are 20 pounds, 50 pounds, or 100 pounds. It has an excess flow safety valve that eliminates the worry of excessive amounts of propane seeping out and causing a larger flame than you need. You can purchase an adapter that allows you to use this device with smaller propane bottles to increase the portability of the unit.

Lincoln Electric KH825-01 Propane Torch

This torch has the ability to deliver an output of 50,000 BTU. It is recommended for use when you are blistering paint to remove it easily, burning brush and weeds in your yard or garden, melting snow and ice from sidewalks for safety, melting tar and asphalt for applications like roofing, or repairing road surfaces or driveways.

The unit comes with a free striker for ignition purposes. It also comes with ten feet of LP gas hose and a solid brass valve that the flame is emitted from. The entire unit weighs about five pounds.

This is a powerful device and should be used with caution. The number of flames and heat produced could cause serious burns or damages to property. Not intended to be used by children.

6. Red Dragon VT 3-30 C Heavy Duty Propane Torch Kit

There are a lot of things you can do with this flame-throwing torch. You can burn the weeds in your yard, burn brush piles, make paint turn loose so it is easier to scrape off, thaw frozen walkways, remove grease and oil from metal surfaces, and thaw frozen pipes. This item is handy around homes, ranches, farms and small businesses.

This device will connect to any standard propane cylinder that is large enough to hold 20 gallons of propane or more. It will create a flame that produces between 25,000 and 50,000 BTUs.

It eradicates weeds so you do not have to use potentially harmful weed killers in your yard or around your home. You pass the flame over the weeds and within a few seconds, you can touch the weed and see a visible thumbprint left on the leaves. The weed will turn a darker green and then it will completely die and dry up.

This system is very easy to operate and it will save you time and money on a lot of the things you do around your home. It comes complete with a vapor torch and 10’ of LP gas hose that connects the vapor torch to the propane cylinder. You also get a spark lighter to create a flame.

7. Hot Max Big Max Propane Torch - Best Heating Torch

The Hot Max 5000G Big Max is a premium propane-powered torch. When you get the Big Max it is completely assembled so you do not have to try and read instructions and build your own tool.

You can eliminate unwanted weeds and vegetation from your property with clean-burning propane and you will not have to introduce harmful chemicals into your environment. This product eliminates the need for chemical weed killers that can seep into your water supply and cause cancer as well as other health conditions.

The molded handle is easy to hold onto and comfortable so you can get more work done in a short amount of time. The device comes with a 10’ gas hose that is rated 300 PSI so you have ample amounts of hose to maneuver your torch without having to move the 20 lb propane bottle as often.

The valve that adjusts the flame on this device is made from solid brass. It will not rust or corrode and high temperatures will not damage it. It is reliable and durable and you will get many years of use from it. The entire unit weighs less than five pounds so you will not get arm strain from carrying it. It can be used for many purposes around your home, and it is safe and easy to operate.

8. Bernzomatic BZ8250HT Trigger-Start Hose Torch

This versatile torch has a self-igniting feature that makes it easier to use and safer to light. The torch trigger that ignites the flame can also be depressed to extinguish the flame when you are finished. There are no complicated steps involved in extinguishing the flame so you are never placed in an emergency situation.

The torch produces a high intensity swirl flame that burns hotter than most flames from comparable torch units. You get more heat and that gives you the ability to do more work with the unit.

It is recommended for small diameter soldering jobs, thawing pipes, melting snow, melting heat shrink wraps and pipes, and many other heat applications. It makes it very easy to make old paint blister so the paint can be easily brushed away instead of spending hours agonizing over paint removers and scraping.

There is a flame control knob that allows you to create a precise flame and the right amount of heat for the job you are doing. You will have control over your flame, the size of the flame, and the concentrated use of the flame. Having more control over where the flame concentrates its heat will get your work done faster.

How to Select the Best Propane Torches

 Before you rush out and order a propane torch to help around your home or business there are a few things you should consider about the torches.

Recommended Usage

If you want to use a propane torch for the purpose of small diameter soldering then you will not want to buy a torch that is recommended as a method of lighting your charcoal grill or burning the weeds in your yard.


The torches that can light their own flame by you simply depressing a trigger are a lot safer and a lot easier to use. With these torches, you do not need any external flame source and there is less possibility of you getting burned while igniting the torch.

Some of the self-igniting torches also have a safety feature that extinguishes the flame when you depress the trigger. This is a great safety feature because you can quickly extinguish the flame and you will have fewer accidents.

Flame Control

You want to make sure that the torch you select offers a flame control or flame adjustment knob. This feature allows you to have the size flame you need and the amount of concentrated heat you need for the work you are doing.

Fuel Source

Some propane torches can be operated with small propane cylinders as fuel sources. Some torches require you to have a cylinder that will hold a 20 pound minimum of propane. You have to decide what propane tank size you will be the most comfortable with using and then choose a torch that can be powered by that tank.


There are a lot of accessories that different manufacturers offer. Some offer strikers for torches that are not self-igniting and some offer lengths of gas hose. You have to look carefully at the accessories offered and make sure they are things that are going to benefit you. Companies actually raise the price of their tools so they can include these accessories. Do not pay for something you do not need.

Safety Concern

Propane torches emit a flame and where there is a flame there is the possibility that you can be injured, or that you can injure something else. There is no need to be afraid to use these items, all you have to do is know the possibility of injury exists so you treat the item with respect. You should also read the manufacturers’ instructions thoroughly prior to using the device so you can follow all recommended safety protocols.

Protective Eyewear

No matter what type of torch you are using you should wear protective eyewear. Your eyes are vulnerable to the heat and the flames and you should protect them.

Work Gloves

A pair of heavy-duty work gloves can prevent your hands from suffering from heat exposure or being burned while you are working.

No Loose Clothing

Do not wear loose clothing that can be blown by the wind and possibly be blown into the flame of your torch. 

Where to Light

Make sure that you are a safe distance from any flammable materials before you ignite your torch. These items produce flames that can cause a flammable substance to ignite and burn.

Never let Children Use Unattended. Make sure children are properly supervised if they are going to be using the torch.

Propane Torch FAQs

Q. Are propane torches safe?

A. Yes, the torches are safe to use. You do need to take precautions while using the equipment, and remember that they produce a flame and a flame can start a fire so do not direct the flame at anything you do not wish to burn.

Q. How much propane does a torch use?

A. propane torches are very efficient and require very small amounts of gas. The exact amount of fuel they burn will depend on the size of the flame you are using and the length of time you need the flame to burn continuously.

Q. Where should I store my propane torch?

A. You should store your torch on a shelf or in an area where it will protect from falling, dirt and grime, and the possibility of dirt-daubers and other mud nest builders creating homes in the valves and orifices.

Q. Can you sear meat with a propane torch?

A. You could sear meat with some of the smaller propane torches. You would want a small torch that utilizes a propane cylinder that holds about 14 ounces of fluid.

Q. Do I need a regulator for my propane torch?

A. The need for a regulator will depend on the style of the torch and the way the torch connects to the propane cylinder. This information will be available in the owner’s manual that came with your tool.

Final Notes 

A propane torch can help you to take care of a lot of jobs around your house. They can burn weeds in the spring and summer and melt the snow from your walk in the winter. They can blister paint so it is easy to remove, and they can be used for light welding, small diameter soldering, brazing jobs and more.

These torches are easy to use and just about everyone could operate them. Always follow the recommended safety protocols.

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