7 Best TIG welding Gloves Reviews In 2020

TIG welding requires you to wear gloves to protect your hands from the heat and the rough metal surfaces. The best TIG welding gloves are ones made of materials that will last a long time and can withstand small punctures, high heat, humid conditions, and contact with rough or dirty surfaces.

We asked a group of TIG welding professionals if they would review some gloves for us and tell us which ones they would purchase for their own use, or recommend to a friend.

Best TIG welding Gloves

Those professionals tried a lot of different gloves and put them through grueling tests before they decided on the ones they thought were really the best of them all.

We also reviewed the welding gloves for MIG and Stick. If you are interested, it is worth reading for you.

Best TIG Welding Gloves Review – 2020

1. REVCO - T50 - Large Tig Welding Glove

These white goatskin welding gloves are lighter than the more commonly used cow leather. The goatskin is thinner and it allows your hands to remain cooler and more comfortable while you are wearing them.

REVCO - T50 - Large Tig Welding Glove

The goatskin gloves weigh less than most gloves made of cow leather. These hand coverings weigh less than 2 pounds, yet they have the ability to protect you just like the thicker cow leather units do. They are heat resistant and will keep your hands from being burned or irritated while you are dealing with the high temperatures and high humidity associated with welding.

The goatskin gloves are sewn together using Kevlar thread. Regular cotton threads would succumb to the high temperatures and allow the seams of the gloves to burst open. Kevlar thread is made to withstand the high temperatures so your gloves retain their integrity for longer.

These gloves feel good on your hands, but the best part is they allow your hands to feel. You will be able to feel more through the tips of the gloves so you can do a better job while you are working. The fact that your sense of feeling in your fingers is increased will also help to prevent accidents while you are working. 

2. Revco BSX Black Stallion Welding Glove

The ability to have perfect control of the trigger is a necessity when you are welding. This pair of gloves are designed with a seamless index finger so you can have the trigger control you need without a seam interfering with your sense of touch.

Revco BSX Black Stallion Welding Glove

The Kevlar stitching of these gloves resists sparks and abrasions. Normal threads succumb to heat, burn when a spark touches them, and they are easily cut by sharp pieces of metal. Kevlar thread is touch and cut resistant and the heat will not alter the performance of this thread.

The padded Dragpatch will keep you safe from many of the injuries that plague welders. The DragPatch is the side of your hand that most often make contact with rough surfaces while you are holding and using the welding torch. You tend to move your hand forward and drag that portion of your hand across the rough metal. The extra padding gives you formidable protection against bruising, cuts, torn gloves, and burns.

The palms of the gloves have an extra lining that prevents burns. The palms of your hands are sensitive and they are the most exposed section of the hand when you are welding. The lining gives you an added heat shield.

3. Caiman White Goatskin Long Cuff Welding Gloves

These goatskin gloves have a long cuff made of split leather that enhances your protection. The extra four-inch cuff allows your arm to rest on the items you are working on without being damaged by the materials or the heat being applied to those materials. Your wrist and forearm are protected from sparks and burns so you stay safer and suffer from fewer injuries.

Caiman White Goatskin Long Cuff Welding Gloves

These gloves do not have an extra lining in them. The lining of the gloves makes them thicker and interferes with your ability to feel what you are working with. Without the lining, you are able to feel the wires and materials that you are using, and you are able to retain greater control over your welding torch, the trigger, and the dials of your welding machine.

Do not worry that the lack of lining will cause you to be burned while working. The gloves are heat resistant and recommended as PPE equipment for welding professionals.

The goatskin is soft and not as irritating to your hands. It is more comfortable to wear then stiffer cowhide and it allows you to be able to move your hands and grip the things you are working with without letting go or letting something slip and fall.

4. Steiner Ironflex TIG Gloves

These are premium grade kidskin gloves. They are crafted from reverse grain kidskin. Reverse grain kidskin is tougher and more puncture resistant than other grains of leather. It is also softer and you retain a greater ability to feel things through the gloves because of the kidskin.

Steiner Ironflex TIG Gloves

The gloves are adjustable so you get the best fit possible. They come in sizes that range from small to 2x-large, but they have adjustments to make them fit securely on your hand because all hands are not made equal. The adjustment is on the elastic cuff. It is a hook and loop closure adjustment that is very easy to secure and just as easy to release when you are ready to remove the gloves.

The gloves have durable lock stitching that is crafted with Kevlar thread so the stitching does not get compromised by the heat or rough materials you are working with. They also have a palm that is unlined so you retain a greater sense of feeling. The unlined palm also increases your ability to grip materials and hold onto items.

The thumb of the gloves is a straight thumb that increases your ability to grip your welding gun or torch. The index finger is seamless so you have an increased ability to grip the trigger of your torch. All of these little details fit together to create a glove that is designed to be used by a working person.

5. Tillman TIG Welding Gloves X-Large

These goatskin gloves have the ultimate amount of flexibility and comfort. The goatskin allows you to bend your fingers and retain the full range of motion you should have in all of your fingers and in your wrist.

Tillman TIG Welding Gloves X-Large

They allow you to do your work safely with the most sensitivity possible for hands that are covered with gloves. They are thin enough that you can pick up dropped items like welding torch tips without removing your gloves because you can feel the tip through the soft leather.

The drug patch is reinforced so you will be less likely to injure your hands while you are working. The gloves protect you from the heat without bundling your hands so thickly that you lose all sensation.

These gloves are perfect for female welders. They are smaller than many of the welding gloves designed by other companies. They fit onto the smaller hand frames of women and they stay securely in place so you are protected.

The gloves stretch more than many welding gloves and that makes them cling better to your skin so they do not move when you are working. This keeps you and your materials safer.

6. Superior Precision Arc Goatskin Leather TIG Glove

This pair of gloves has 625 grams of resistance to cuts and punctures. They are tougher than the majority of other welding gloves. They are more durable and capable of lasting longer because they are tear-resistant, puncture-resistant, and cut resistant. When you are dealing with sharp metals the cut resistance of your gloves can make a world of difference in the injuries you sustain.

Superior Precision Arc Goatskin Leather TIG Glove

You will get the ultimate hand protection from these Kevlar lined gloves. Kevlar is the most heat resistant material and the hands of these gloves are lined so that you do not have to worry about burns.

The fingers of the gloves interlock in such a way that they do not interfere with your grip or hand flexibility. You are able to do everything you could have done without the gloves except you will have heat protection while you are doing it.

They are classified as a level 3 puncture resistant PPE. They are a level A2 rated for cut resistance and they have a heat level rating of level 3. These tough and durable gloves also have a leather cuff that protects your wrist and forearm from heat exposure.

7. Lincoln Electric Grain Leather TIG Welding Gloves

The seams of these gloves are stitched with Kevlar thread. Kevlar thread is designed to be able to withstand high temperatures. Using the thread on the gloves makes them more durable and makes the stitching last as long as the leather does.

The thumb of the glove has been reinforced with an extra piece of leather. This makes the thumb, which will be used a lot, more durable.

Lincoln Electric Grain Leather TIG Welding Gloves

The gloves have a four-inch cuff made of leather sewn on them. This cuff helps to minimize your contact with the metals you are working on so they reduce abrasion injuries. They also protect your wrists and lower arm from the heat and sparks created during the welding process.

The gloves are made from leather that is soft and lightweight. They are not as hot as some other gloves when they are being worn. The leather is tough and it resists cracking, peeling, and punctures.

The soft leather also allows you to retain the maximum amount of dexterity and feeling in your fingertips. This is of vital importance to a TIG welder. The gloves are white and black. They weigh only 4.8 ounces and they meet the PPE requirements.

Gloves for TIG Welding - How to Choose

Before you buy welding gloves you have to consider the features of the gloves and the features that you need for the type of welding that you do.


The materials the gloves are made from making the difference in how flexible the gloves are, how much sensation you have while wearing them, and how easily you can adjust dials or pull the torch trigger.

Goatskin is one of the softest leather welding gloves are made from. Cow leather is often thicker and more heat resistant than the goatskin.


The lined gloves are more heat resistant and you are less likely to have a burn or heat exposure if you wear lined gloves. Unlined gloves provide you with a greater sense of feeling and more dexterity. The choice to buy lined or unlined is a personal preference, but all welders are recommended to try one pair of each so they can determine which they really like the best.

Extended cuffs

The extended cuffs on welding gloves just extend the amount of protection your arm has while you are working. Most welding professionals prefer the extended cuffs over the short cuff gloves.

Padded Drag-Patch

The drag-patch is located at the side of your hand, it is the portion of your hand that you would drag across the materials as you work. Extra padding means fewer injuries and more comfort.

Kevlar Thread

The Kevlar thread is a real must for welding gloves to be secure and truly heat resistant.

You have to look at the glove features and then decide if those features are a benefit to you. Your safety and comfort are the only things that are important.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a TIG welding glove?

A TIG welding glove is a hand covering that is usually made from leather so it is heat resistant and can be worn to protect the hand and forearm of a welder. A TIG welding glove is usually longer in the forearm than some other types of gloves.

Can you use TIG gloves for MIG welding?

You can use TIG gloves to do MIG welding and you can use them to do stick welding. The main consideration of a welding glove will be whether the glove is made from a heat resistant material like a full leather glove. You never wear gloves that can be considered flammable.

Can you use leather gloves for TIG welding?

Leather gloves are recommended for any welding process. Leather can shield you from the heat associated with welding, plasma cutting, and other dangerous operations. 100% leather is recommended over synthetic materials or blends.

Final Note

If you are looking for lightweight welding gloves you should consider the REVCO - T50.  The gloves weigh less than 2 pounds and are crafted from premium grain goatskin.

If you are looking for lightweight welding gloves that will fit well on a female hand consider the Tillman 1338. They are made from soft goatskin and they fit the smaller frames of female hands better than most welding gloves.

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