Forney Easy Weld 299 Review – 120 Volt 125FC Flux Core Welder

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Do you need portable MIG welding machines that have built-in 'plug and play' features? As an inexperienced, you need to be mindful of the type of MIG welders that enhance skill?

The Forney Easy Weld 299 Welder fits your requirements and its affordable. By using inexpensive and reliable welders, you can save money for consumables and other accessories. Another salient feature of this machine is its low-maintenance cost. Read our reviews on other Forney welders here.


It seems like the manufacturer designed it for low-budget buyers that need much value from flux-core welders. However, you have to disconnect the side panels of this machine and clean its components regularly. When you fail to conduct periodic maintenance, don't expect to have a seamless metalworking process.

Usually, beginner MIG welders prefer lightweight machines. With a weight of 51 lbs, portability doesn't appear like an issue during the workshop and outdoor projects.

Considering the quality, its molded-plastic housing and thin-gauged metal components are durable. You need a welder that can withstand the harsh weather condition of outdoor spaces. Even if this machine isn't in the league of top-rated MIG welders, it has many features that are useful to apprentices and naive metalworkers. Let's share some exciting features that make this product the right choice.

Forney Easy Weld 299 Review In Details

Gas-less Flux-core Welding

Since it's a gas-less flux core welder, it only feeds on a 0.030-inch flux-core wire. This wire has a built-in flux that shields the molten weld puddles. Unlike regular MIG welders, you don't have to think about running short of shielding gas.

Instead, ensure to plug this wire-feed welding machine's cord in the electrical socket, and make nice beads with it. During the simple set up process, ensure that your welder's wire feed tension on the Despooler is well connected.

Dual-Power And Wire-feed Speed Settings

This 125-Amp (output) MIG welder runs on an input voltage of 110/120V. Unlike 220/240V MIG welding machines, this product has a limited range of applications. However, this welder allows operators to switch between a range of wire feed speeds. For thick metal sheets like steel, dial the control knob to a lower wire-feed speed.

When you are set to weld thin plates, make a higher adjustment with the machine's 10 wire-feed speeds. Without the right speed, you might not make great beads.

Impressive Duty Cycle

The duty cycle is 20% at 125amps. With this duty cycle rating, the machine needs 8 minutes to cool down after running for about 2 minutes. Also, it comes to a built-in thermal protection system that shuts down the unit when it overheats.


  • This Forney 299 package comes with complete accessories like the MIG gun, ground clamp, and 2lb spool.
  • Suitable for welding between metals with specifications of between 24 gauge to 1/4 inch.
  • It's convenient for beginner welders to practice.
  • Wide spool storage of between 2 and 10 lbs.


  • Its 6-ft cord might need an electrical extension box to ease your movement in tight corners of workspaces.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1:

What is the amperage output of this MIG welder's electrical plug?

The Answer:

Use 15-Amp power cords and plug, but the breaker must be 20 Amps.

Question 2:

Can this welder handle heavy-duty applications?

The Answer:

This welder can't handle heavy-duty projects, but it's useful for small art welding and DIY projects. Also, add it to your toolbox if you handle auto-body repairs.

Final Note

Purchasing this MIG welder model is a great way to start your career and boost your techniques. An agile welder that allows you to control the speed of flux-core welding is a must-have.

With this product, beginner or hobbyists welders have the advantage of saving their resources because the tool doesn't require gas. Also, this review shows that you can enjoy this machine for a long period.

MIG welders that have low-maintenance can handle a range of metalwork in outdoor environments. However, your knowledge about this machine will guarantee its durability.

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