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Can You Weld Cast Iron With A Wire Feed Welder?

You’ll need to be careful when welding cast iron metals like exhaust manifold with MIG welds. It’s easier to weld cast iron with nickel rods like ASTM B160 from Small Parts, but it’s a difficult process with MIG welders. By preheating the cast iron metal with a torch, such as Cadrim Torch, it prepares it […]

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What Is The Difference Between Welding and Brazing – A Brief Guide

Welding is more than just fabricating or applying heat with electrodes and fusing metallic materials. While metal fabrication is a broad process, knowing the tools and techniques that are required for any metal-joining tasks is important. Sometimes, people use ‘welding’ and ‘brazing’ interchangeably without considering their differences. In this brief guide, we shall focus on […]

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How To Weld Sheet Metal With Welding Machine – Step by Step Guide

Normally, highly-skilled welders make perfect welds with efficient tools and techniques. When using arc welding machines, it’s important to have proper eyes and hand coordination. However,  there are common problems of sheet metal welding with the flux-cored technique. This technique has some positives too. In this article, you will learn how to use flux core machines with […]

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How Much Does Welding School Cost In USA

If you are thinking about pursuing welding as a career choice, then it is natural that you are wondering about how much welding school costs to attend. The cost of attending welding classes depends on the type of welding education you are pursuing, and where you are attending school. Some welding courses offer a certification of completion […]

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Best Welding Schools and Colleges In The USA

You can become a certified welder in as few as 7 months. When you attend welding school you are creating the ability for you to not just have a welding job, but for you to have a career in welding. The right education can help you to develop skills and techniques that will allow you to […]

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How Much Do Welders Make A Year In USA – Guide 2019

Welding is one of the professions that allow you to earn a good income without spending a lot of years in college. It is possible for you to work as a welder without any formal training, but the people who attend welding school become certified welders, and they earn a lot more per year than […]

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