Welcome To The World of Welding

Welding allows you to take two pieces of metal and join them together with a seam. It is like sewing with molten metal. It is a craft that people use in automobile repair and restoration, construction, decorative lawn furniture creation, fabrication of trailer and hitches.

Type of Welder and Welding Processes

MIG Welder

MIG welding machines are the perfect welding machine for beginners. These machines allow you to weld by creating an electric arc between an electrode and the metal item. The electric arc heats the electrode and melts the metals together creating the weld.

This is known as gas metal arc welding and metal inert gas welding. This type of welding process was first used in World War II because it is quick, and it creates strong bonds between the metal.

Flux Core Welder

This welding machine works primarily like the MIG welding machine does. The difference is that the flux core welding process requires no shielding gas to create the weld. The shielding gas is designed into the flux core wire used during the process.

The flux core welding process is very easy to learn and it is very forgiving. You do not have to have as much skill or the perfect steady hand in order to create a strong weld that is durable and good looking. They also provide smoother welds that have less slag and require less cleanup after the process is complete.

TIG welder

TIG welding is also called gas tungsten arc welding. During the process it requires a non-consumable tungsten electrode. 

In MIG welding a feed wire is used to melt and create the weld and in the TIG process a long rod is melted to fuse the metal and create the weld. This welding process is more difficult to learn than the MIG process. 

MIG welding is best for thicker metals because of the feed wire, and TIG is excellent for thinner or more delicate metals.

Stick Welder

This is the most widely used welding process. It is shielded metal arc welding. During the process the welder uses a fixed length of electrode to create a join between various types, and thicknesses of metal.

A stick welder is a great welder for metal repairs because the stick welder will allow you to work outside even when there is a slight wind. MIG welders and TIG welders need to be shielded from wind or drafts while you are working.

Multi Process Welders

Multi process welding is done with a machine that is capable of allowing you to do more than one type of welding process by simply switching a knob. You can get these machines that are TIG, plus MIG, plus stick. You can also get combinations of one or more welding processes and a plasma cutter all in one convenient machine.

The greatest thing is that many manufacturers have developed these combination machines in small packages that weigh 75 pounds or less. Some of the combination machines weigh as little as 40 pounds. They are highly portable and easy to handle.

They also allow a welder to learn new welding processes so they allow you to grow and learn. The ability to do different welding processes also allows you to work with a wider variety of materials. There is basically no metal that you cannot weld if you have a combination welder.

Homeowners and small business owners love them because they are so versatile. Experienced welders love them because they can perform all of the different welding processes without changing equipment.

Plasma Cutter

The plasma cutter is not a welding machine it is a tool that is used in conjunction with a welding machine. The plasma cutter is used to cut metal pieces into the correct sizes and shapes. These tools are especially helpful for hobbyist and people fabricating metal items.

These machines take an electric arc and send it through a gas that is contained in a constricted opening. The restriction is created at the nozzle of the plasma cutter and it causes the gas to be forced through at a high rate of speed. The speed of the gas gives it the the power to cut through metal.

Welding Accessories and Necessities

Welding Helmets

Welding hoods are what these items are often called. They are made to protect the face of the welder. They are solid and protect the skin of the face from the heat and they have a small place where a welding glass is inserted that will protect the eyes from the welding process.

An auto darkening welding lens can be purchased so when the light in the area is dimmer the lens will be lighter and allow the welder to have increased visibility and protection at the same time.

Welding Gloves

These are worn so that they protect your hands and forearms from the heat created by the welding machine. They are made from thick material, sometimes they are made from split leather.

Gloves for welding/welding gloves are one of the biggest burn defenses that a welder has. These items allow you to touch and grab the hot metal pieces without any consequences. 

Flame Resistant Clothing

Flame resistant clothing is specifically designed and manufactured so that hot slag, and the heat from welding are not going to put you in danger of burning. Clothing that is not flame resistant may easily burst into flames when exposed to the high temperatures a welder may be subjected to.

Torch Kit

These accessories are used when you are fabricating metal objects like lawn décor. It is also used when you are welding together items like exhaust pipe for automobiles. The torch kit enables you to weld the thinner metals without damaging the metal. 

Welding cart

A welding cart is used to help you move heavy welding machines from one place to another. There are many welding machines that weigh more than one hundred pounds and the wheels on the cart allow you to position the welder closer to your project.